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Forever Ethnic believes trust is the most important factor when it comes to online or offline shopping.SO we try our best to give proper details of the dresses or kurtis that are uploaded on our website.In some cases we have also attached the original pictures of the dress or kurti when required so that the customer gets a proper understanding of the product.We have also tagged the dresses as Replicas for the master copy of the original dresses so that the customer gets an idea about the dress.The branded kurtis that are on our website are 100% original kurtis because we believe in quality.This is one of the few websites from where you can buy Pakistani Dresses Online in India, and also buy Pakistani Designer Replicas Online in India.
We also accept returns in case of any defects found in the material or if an incorrect dress is sent to the customer.
We also provide FREE shipping on most of our orders including Indian designer dresses and make sure that the orders are received by our customers at the earliest.We also provide international shipping.
For making the payments hassle free for our customers we have provided various payment options on our website.